Gospel-Centered Discipleship


When Jesus returned to the Father, He left his people with one core mission that should define our lives more than any other: “Make Disciples.” However, many of us fail to walk in obedience because we don’t understand how to engage in this sacred task. In this course, we will explore what is disciple-making and how can we practically begin to do this!


Week 1 – What is a Disciple?

This week, we will introduce the concept of discipleship by looking into scripture to discern what is a disciple? What does Jesus expect us to replicate when he commands us to “Go and Make Disciples” in the Great Commission?


Week 2 – What is Discipleship?

What do we mean when we say the word discipleship? Does it involve reaching people to Christ for the first time – what some might call evangelism? Or does it just involve the maturation of believers into fully-grown followers of Jesus?


Week 3 – The Heart of Discipleship: Gospel Motivation

Many of us in the church have engaged in fruitless discipleship relationships in the past. What are some of the things that make discipleship fail? What are the wrong motivations that we often hold? And conversely, what are the right, Gospel-centered postures we must learn?


Week 4 – The How of Discipleship: The Holy Spirit in Community

We will examine the truth of scripture that shows us that discipleship always occurs through the power of the Holy Spirit within the context of community. Our spiritual growth is not designed to happen in isolation!


Week 5 – The Application of Discipleship: Go and Make Disciples

We will unite everything we learned into a clear strategy for stepping forward and engaging those around us in a discipleship process that centers on fighting to believe the Gospel and kill sin in our lives.


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