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Do you ever find yourself confused as you read the Bible, not understanding how one specific part fits into the larger story of scripture? In this class, we will take the big-picture view of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, identifying the main threads, events, and characters in order to help you understand God’s Word and your place in it!


Week 1 – In The Beginning…The Loving King Creates

Like every story, there’s a beginning, and it’s always the best place to start. So, this week we start at the beginning of the grand narrative of scripture with God creating everything and the rebellion of Man.


Week 2 – The King Forms His People Israel 

With the glorious promise of the seed of a woman crushing the head of the serpent at the end of the rebellion story, we get to see how God begins with the patriarchs, continues up through the nation of Israel and their time in Egypt, to their deliverance from Egypt by the hand of God and the entrance into the Promised Land.


Week 3 – Under the Creator King a Monarchy is Established

After some time in the land that God had promised them, the people of Israel want an earthly king. So, this week we’ll look at how God gave the nation of Israel a king, the nation’s split into Northern and Southern Kingdoms and their exiles, and the time between the Old and New Testaments.


Week 4 – Incarnation – The Loving Creator King with Us

The life, ministry, death, and resurrection of the glorious King of kings and Lord of lords is where the story continues this week! We’re getting to focus on the time of Jesus’ life here on earth!


Week 5 – The King Launches His Church

Jesus is alive, and He is establishing His Church. It’s time to look at the final parts of the story, where we find ourselves today. We finish our class where the grand narrative of scripture ends, with Jesus’ ascension into Heaven, the early Church, the work of the Spirit through the Church throughout the ages, and the Last Day and creation of the New Heavens and New Earth.


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