Worship in Spirit & in Truth


Corporate worship is a deeply necessary and rich spiritual discipline for the saints. Scripture calls us to not just be consumers of worship, but engaged participants as we adore the King of kings! In this class, we will explore the biblical foundations and history of corporate worship that beckon us off the sidelines into the ongoing worship of our Creator!


Week 1 – Worship in Spirit and Truth

This week we will look into three questions: What is biblical worship? Why do we worship together? How are we to worship together? We’ll see how the command to worship in Spirit and Truth helps us answer these questions.


Week 2 – Storytelling and the Worshipper

We’re diving into the narrative story of a worship gathering. Each service’s liturgy tells a story from beginning to end, and we’ll see in the narrative of the Bible that these elements help us appreciate the overarching story of a worship gathering’s flow.


Week 3 – Sacred Artistry in the Church: A Historical Perspective

Throughout Church history, the liturgy of church services has different from time to time and from denomination to denomination. However, there are common elements throughout, and that’s what we’ll be looking at this week. We’ll also be looking at the usefulness of liturgical form in church today.


Week 4 – Historical Hymnody and Psalmody: The Scripture Sings

This week we’ll be looking at why we use music in worship gatherings instead of only teaching and praying. We’ll also look at the development of musical form for congregational singing throughout Church history, as well as what to look for in song singing in the modern day Church.


Week 5 – Worshipful Practice: Using Worship and Liturgy for Life

It’s time to get practical for our everyday lives. We’ll quickly cover the role of musical worship in our spiritual development as well as what liturgy in everyday life looks like before we put to practice everything we’ve learned over the five weeks with singing. (The signing portion of this week’s class is not recorded, however, I’d like to encourage you to take some time at the end of this recording to worship the Lord Jesus through singing.)


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