The Bridge Class


In the fall of 2019, Emmaus Kids Ministry offered The Bridge Class, a class to help parents of children here at Emmaus to engage deeply in discipleship of their children at home. In this class, we explore strategies for helping our children to grow into spiritual healthy adults. We examine things that you can do at home as a parent, and we also discuss some ways to connect your discipleship at home with the content that we are leading your kids through here at the church. Click below to listen to the audio recording from the class available through The Emmaus Institute Podcast (subscribe here).


Class Summary

What can you do as a parent to MOST HIGHLY influence your child to become a spiritually healthy adult? How do you know if what you are CURRENTLY doing is going to make a difference in your child’s spiritual growth?

Without any doubt, parents are the main influencer and primary disciple-maker in their child’s life. As a parent, you have been given the responsibility to teach your child about Jesus and train them up to follow Him.

As your church, we have been given the responsibility to come alongside you and equip you to disciple your child. We want to help bridge the gap between what we do on Sunday in the classroom and what you do at home as a family to learn about God and follow Jesus because we know that discipleship goes beyond Sundays.

THIS BRIDGE class will tell you the 1 thing that will MOST HIGHLY influence your child to become a spiritually healthy adult. You will get HELPFULadvice & PRACTICAL tips on discipling your child in ways that make a difference. You will leave the class with RESOURCES IN YOUR HANDS that will help you feel confident in your role as primary discipler.

The Bridge class is for all parents or future parents.  Whether you don’t know where to start in discipling your child or maybe you just need more ideas and resources to help you continue to disciple your child. No matter what stage you and your child are in this class is for you.

The Bridge Class Podcast walks you through, step by step, how to use our Family Discipleship Guide. Our Family Discipleship Guide walks you through an inductive Bible Study with your child that connects to our Sunday lessons from The Gospel Project. Following the prompts each day will help you teach your child how to read, study, and cherish God’s Word.

Click here to download the Family Discipleship Guide.


Class Recording