Foundations of Marriage


God designed marriage to be the place where families thrive and display his glory to the world, yet so often, our experiences fall short. This class will examine 3 foundational pillars of healthy biblical marriages as we seek to align ourselves with God’s design.


Week 1 – Scriptural Foundation – Relationship with Christ

In the first week, we will provide the scriptural model and basis for the marriage relationship drawing from Genesis 2 and Ephesians 5. We will focus on the individual’s relationship with Christ and spiritual disciplines (prayer, fasting, meditation, bible study, community) necessary for a healthy marriage. We’ll contrast cultural influences and provide data supporting the wisdom of God’s design for marriage.


Week 2 – Marital Foundation – Relationship with Spouse

During the second week, we will examine elements of the marriage relationship and the importance of regular spiritual communication and prayer with our spouse. Sacrifice and sanctification will be emphasized with reference to the “profound mystery” in Ephesians 5. The Christian covenant nature of marriage will be contrasted with the consumerist commoditization of partner relationships so prevalent in western culture.


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