Child dedication is a way to commit your child to God.
As parents, you express your understanding that your children belong to the Lord and that you have been entrusted to raise them well.

On this day you express your intent to raise your child up in the Lord, with the hope that he or she will come to faith in Jesus. Child dedication is also a way for the congregation of Emmaus to join in prayer for you and your child as well as commit to being a supportive community of faith.
At Emmaus we hold Child Dedication services twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall.
Once signed up for dedication we require that at least one parent from each family attend our Child Dedication Class before the service so that we can go over the purpose and importance of dedicating your child to the Lord and in front of the Church.
If you're interested in dedicating your child in one of our upcoming Child Dedication services, please fill out the information provided on the Interest Form. After submitting, Pastor Brad Hillman will reach out to you with more details and next steps.

If you have any questions you can email