Men Studying the Scriptures Together!

Looking for community with other men from our church and accountability in your study of scripture? Join us for Men of the Word, a weekly gathering of men who commit to read, study, and pray together as they seek to Follow Jesus.

Men of the Word gathers seasonally to offer men in our church an injection of training, accountability, and discipline into their personal study of the scriptures. Joining the journey requires a commitment to daily studying the Word on your own, and then coming together at our weekly gathering to engage in table discussions and participate in the group teaching time.

We have just concluded a year-long study of Matthew, and we are already hard at work on our plans for the next study that will launch later this year!

If you have any questions or would like more information on how to stay connected during this season, please email either Pastor Brian.

Discipline in the Word

Accountability for Obedience

Community with Brothers