Ministry Training

Ministry Training Programs

In his second letter to his friend and ministry parter Timothy, the Apostle Paul instructs Timothy to take the glorious truth of the Gospel and entrust it to faithful men who will in-turn teach it to others also. He lays out a strategy by which the Gospel can spread to all people on the earth, and it involves one-on-one discipleship training for future ministry leaders. At Emmaus Church, we are committed to this type of training to help develop the future leaders of God's church

Our Programs

The Ministry Training Programs at the Institute of Disciple Making are designed to strategically leverage the knowledge and experiences of our vocational ministry leaders as investments in future leaders. These programs vary in formality based on the level of commitment required - with three primary structures available for you to apply for.


For those wishing to explore a vocational calling to ministry in a more hands-on environment, our Internship programs are perfect for you. These are short-term, seasonal volunteer roles that assist vocational ministry leaders at Emmaus in their ministry areas.

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Our Mentorship program seeks to pair together vocational ministry leaders with young adults who are exploring a calling to ministry. Mentorship will involve regular meetings to explore this calling, unpack the dynamics of ministry within our context here at Emmaus, and pray together for the future.


For leaders who are close to beginning vocational ministry in the local church, our Residency program seeks to invest strategic ministry experience for their leadership development. Residents will be entrusted with leadership over significant ministry initiatives at Emmaus Church under the instruction and evaluation of Emmaus staff.