Resources for Parents

Here you can find books, podcasts, and articles that our staff recommends to help instruct, encourage and inspire you on your parenting journey.

Bridge Class Podcast & Free Family Discipleship Guide


The Disicple-Making Parent

Your children will either live forever with Jesus or apart from him. Too many growing up in Christian homes will not follow Christ as adults. Do you have a strategy for parenting in today's hostile culture?The Disciple-Making Parent will give you confidence in your journey.


Risen Motherhood

One second, we think we're doing a good enough job, the next we're the worst mom on the planet. Which is why we need the refreshing truth of the gospel repeated over and over—giving us hope in the everyday moments.

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How to Teach Your Teen to Read Their Bible

By: Jen Wilkin. One of the most important tools you can give your teenage children is to teach them how to read and study their Bible. Here are some steps for you and your kids to learn to do this together.

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Faith Filled Family Class

Sessions taught by Pastor Brian Bone and Emmaus Kids Ministry Director Jessie White. Our homes are to be hubs for discipleship, with the family serving as the foundational place for cultivating deep faith in each person who lives there. The question that remains for all of us to answer is how can we do this? How can we demonstrate faith and cultivate faithfulness in the hearts of our children? In January of 2020, our Emmaus Institute offered a 3-week class entitled Faith Filled Family that explored these questions in detail.

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Exploring The Bible

Introduce your 6- to 12-year-olds to the most important passages and big-picture story line of the Bible! Each of the 365 entries includes a brief Scripture passage and space to write a daily prayer, along with either a question to answer or a verse to write out. Also features book introductions and space for weekly sermon notes.