Go & Make Disciples

Davis & Charis Lacey - Autumn Ridge Community Church - Ellijay, GA

Thanks be to God for:
*Lives being impacted by the Gospel, resulting in several baptisms this year!
*Financial stability, allowing us to add a Church Planting Resident this year and and a second full-time staff member in early 2021!
*Ability to transition to Livestream during the pandemic
*Resuming in-person worship, even though it may look a bit different!

Please petition God for:
* Wisdom for our search process for a new Staff Pastor
*That we will faithfully develop disciple-making leaders with new effectiveness in 2021
*Wisdom, conviction, energy, and effectiveness to equip God's people to make disciples, and that many, many people will hear & believe the gospel as a result!

Kenneth & Beatrice Kabagambe - Noah's Arc/Joy Christian School - Kaihura, Uganda

Thanks be to God for:
*Construction of a permanent kitchen after our old kitchen was destroyed by wind.
*Our new sponsorship website launched this year!
*As a home we have successfully been able to keep our children during this COVID-19 lockdown and school closure.
*Ability to provide food to sponsored kids who went home during pandemic.
*Joy Christian School construction is now 90% complete!
* Ground has been broken for a new, gigantic Boys' Dormitory! This will alleviate the overcrowding and we are so excited!
*We now have a well! We have clean and fresh water!
*We expanded our gardens which successfully saved the organization about $286 monthly!

Please petition God for:
*Continued financial provision for continued improvements, including solar system for lighting, furniture, girls' bathroom/showers, & teaching supplies.
*Additional land in order to further expanded our gardens, thus reducing our food expenditures.
*For more children to be sponsored!
*For each child to know and love Jesus!

Jeremiah & Alex Klinect - Greater Europe Mission - Hungary

Thanks be to God for:
*Upcoming Pre-field Orientation at a training center in North Carolina in January-February 2021
*Jeremiah will graduate with his M.Ed. in Special Education with a Dyslexia Specialty in December 2020, as well as completing a three-part educational consulting course in preparation for moving to Hungary
*Alex has begun meeting with and helping to pilot two new programs for missionary moms and their young children.

Please petition God for:
*Travel to resume and restrictions to be lifted!
*Financial partners
*Continued patience and wisdom as we complete the final steps before moving to Hungary

Omar Contreras - Guatemala City, Guatemala

Thanks be to God for:
*23 new believers in a nearby community!
*14 church members have completed a church leadership course!
*Resources to be able to assist some in our community with food during this difficult time.

Please petition God for:
* COVID restrictions to be lifted!
*Sufficient resources to meet significant needs in the community.

Matt and Allison Nolan - Panama (currently in the U.S.)

Thanks be to God for:
* We are coordinating a research project within several Latin American agencies to help cross-cultural workers on the field.
*We are launching courses online on Learning Languages (Second Language Acquisition), Culture, and a Facilitator Program to train leaders on the field.
*We successfully transitioned from face-to-face classes to an online platform due to COVID, and have continued to work with cross-cultural workers online.
* Being part of a team that has trained over 250 cross-cultural workers in language acquisition and culture.

Please petition God for:
* Continued success as we aim to help cross-cultural workers become independent and efficient.
* For God to continue opening doors to form connections with leaders around the world.