Regathering FAQs


What is being done to make sure the building is clean?

We have an incredible team who will be working before, during, and after each service to ensure our building is as sanitary as possible. From tables in the lobby, to all surfaces in the bathrooms, etc., commonly touched surfaces will be regularly sanitized using only products meeting the EPA’s criteria for use against COVID-19. Hand sanitizer, containing at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol, will be available at every entrance/exit to spaces in our building. Furthermore, it is our intention to create an experience which minimizes touch, meaning doors will be held or propped open, communion supplies will be provided (not picked up from a common dish), a digital connect card will be used, etc. Lastly, our entire building will continue to be deep cleaned weekly by a professional company. If you have any specific questions about our practices, please email our director of operations by clicking here.

Will we take communion during the service?

Yes! When you arrive, you will be provided with pre-packaged communion elements by our greeting team. They’ll ask you how many in your family will be taking communion, and will provide the elements to you in a sealed plastic bag. Our greeting team will be wearing masks and disposable gloves while preparing the bags.

Why do I need to wear a mask while we sing?

The CDC has published a study indicating that singing in a group setting could create a “superspreader event,” meaning even one infected person could infect many others in an instance of group singing. Out of a love for the vulnerable among our congregation, we are asking that you wear a face covering at least during the singing portions of our gatherings for this season.

Will a nursing mother's room be available?

Yes! We have temporarily repurposed the “0-12 Months” room for nursing mothers. The room will be private and furnished with comfortable seating, a changing table, and a tv with a live feed of the service. The room will be sanitized before and after each service.

Will there be a place to change my child's diaper?

Yes! We have changing tables available in the bathrooms in the lobby. The changing tables will sanitized regularly.

What if my child is disruptive during the service?

First and foremost, it’s ok! For this season when we are worshipping all together as families, we know that our little ones will make some noise during the services. And we praise the Lord for that! During our services, if you would like to take your child out of the room, our lobby is totally open to you. All we ask is for you to maintain a safe distance from others while there.

Can I bring a tablet, or other form of entertainment, for my child to play on during service?

Absolutely! We would just ask that the device be used in silent mode or with headphones to minimize any distractions. Please see the note below about our Kids Ministry videos for details about how they can be used during the service!

Will the livestream still be available after we start regathering?

Yes! We will livestream our 9am service each week. The video of the livestream will also be available to watch at any time after that service ends.

Will there be coffee and cookies available?

In an effort to maintain the most sanitary environment possible, we will temporarily not be offering coffee or cookies in the lobby. Feel free to bring them from home if you’d like!

Will the Kids Ministry weekly lesson videos still be available?

Yes! Our kids ministry team will continue to produce and release the lesson videos weekly. We will also be updating the format of the videos so that your children can even watch the video (with headphones of course) during the service if you choose to have them do so.

Will an offering be taken up during the services?

Although we will not pass our offering baskets during the service, offering drop-boxes will be available at the exit of the worship center. You are more than welcome to give using the drop-boxes as you leave the service. Please keep in mind though, offering envelopes will not be available. All that said, we would encourage you to consider giving online in this season to minimize contact.

Other Questions

We'd love to answer any questions you may have that weren't answered here. Click the button below to reach out to our team.