Case for Creation

A Christian Apologetic Against Darwin, Evolution, and Naturalism

Led by Craig Smith

In our culture today, many people take Darwin and his theories as settled fact upon which they build a godless naturalistic worldview. In this class, we will refute this error by reviewing new developments in science that are challenging orthodox evolution. We will dive into the immense field of origin of life research, considering how our galaxy, solar system, and earth all reveal an incredible fine-tuning that demands an intelligent designer. Through it all, we will seek to make the case that indeed we live in a created world as the Bible teaches. Join us!

About the Class

6-Week Class
Sundays 6:00-7:30pm
Beginning June 9th

Class Outline

About the Teacher

Craig Smith has a B.S. Chemistry, and has been passionate from childhood about all things science and how God shows himself in nature. He's married to his wife Cherie, and they've been covenant members of Emmaus for 2 years.

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