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This January, we are excited to offer 6 incredible discipleship classes for you to dig into the Word, grow in your knowledge of God, and be equipped in following Jesus more faithfully. Classes are 4-weeks long, happening on Sunday nights in January on campus here at Emmaus Church. We have several classes for adults, a class for students, and childcare for kids 0-5th grade - bring your whole family! Explore the options below and register today!


Biblical Clarity on Gender & Sexuality in a Confused World

Despite the confusion in the world around us, the Bible is totally clear on the major issues of our day regarding gender and sexuality. Join us as we dive into scripture to understand the Christian sexual ethic clearly and explore ways to respond in a Christian way to the changing world around us.

Led by Pastor Anson McMahon



Glorify God and Enjoy Him Forever

Without any question, the age of the puritans left behind one of the richest legacies of theology, piety, and worship that the English world has ever known. In this class, we will explore the Puritan Movement and the lasting influence it had upon the church, the United Kingdom, and even the founding of America. Join us as we study important figures like John Owen, Thomas Goodwin, Jonathan Edwards, and more!

Led by Pastor Brian Bone & Jacob Cohen


Training Past External Behaviors for Internal Change

Parents usually wish that each child came with a “how to manual”. We are imperfect people attempting to raise children who are sinful from birth and the struggles are real. There is a natural tendency to make behavior modification the goal. God wants to use parents to go deeper and reach the heart of the child with the grace of the Gospel.

Led by Greg & Amy Pace


Healthy Habits for Spiritual Growth

Have you ever found yourself struggling to study the Bible, not sure how to do it right, and wondering how it all fits together? This class will help you understand what the Bible is and how to study it. You’ll learn to read from a 20,000 foot-view as well as dig deeply for the rich marrow of a particular verse. Join us as we seek to grow in our knowledge and understanding of God’s Word so that we may delight more fully in Him.

Led by Elder Tom Watson


A Biblical Examination of Christian Cults

Have you ever wondered just how different Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses are from Christianity? This Course will discuss the common characteristics of cults that have arisen out of Christianity and how to biblically respond to them from a historic Christian Perspective. Join us as we look at the theology of cults from a biblical perspective in order to better stand for our faith.

Led by Dr. Jason Whitlock


You are More than a Number

In this class, we will compare what the world tells teens about their identity to the truths found in scripture. The world tells us it’s all about how you look, what you have, what you do, and whom you are connected to. But scripture teaches that while those things can be important, they do not make you who you are. As followers of Christ our identity is in Him. We will help students ground their identity in Christ and live boldly as Children of God.

Led by Pastor Matt Callahan

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All classes will happen from 5:30-7pm on Sunday Nights in January on campus at Emmaus Church.

Childcare available onsite for children 0-5th Grade to those who register by 12/17.


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