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New Classes! Coming this Summer...

Join us this Summer for our incredible lineup of Discipleship Classes happening on Sunday Nights from 6-7:30pm. We have some incredible options being led by our pastors, elders, and church members – join us as we dive into spiritual growth together!

10 Minutes of Truth

In an age of deep cultural confusion from a society that has largely abandoned objective truth, people everywhere are searching for real answers to big questions on some incredibly complex issues.

10ish Minutes of Truth is an ongoing ministry of Emmaus Church where Pastor Anson tackles complex and controversial issues with answers from the Bible. Explore our first few series below or checkout all our videos on YouTube. Additional series covering more topics coming soon!

10 Minutes of Truth:

Study the Bible and you'll quickly realize that money matters. How we spend, give, and think about money are all ultimately questions of the heart. Join us as we dive into money, materialism, generosity, and why it all matters.

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10 Minutes of Truth:

We may not like to think about it, but Hell is an inescapable reality that we are called to understand in the scriptures. Join us as we tackle important questions like “What is Hell?", "Who will end up there?", and “What’s it like there?”

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10 Minutes of Truth:
Gender & Sexuality

Is gender real or just a construct of our minds? What does God think about homosexuality? In an age of countless questions about gender and sexuality, join us as we dive into the Bible to see what God says about these issues!

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Previous Classes

Stress Disorders
An In Depth Evaluation of Their Causes and Solutions

In an age of unprecedented stress, where can we find healing from the various stress disorders that arise in our lives and those of loved ones? In this class, counselor Dr. Dorian Focks will lead an intimate and interactive setting to help participants better understand and find healing from various stress disorders and depression.

Class led by Dr. Dorian Focks in January 2021. Videos available on YouTube.

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Theology Explored
Knowing & Treasuring God

God has revealed himself to us in his Word, allowing us to know, understand, and treasure Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Join us in this video-based class as we dive into some of the most important topics in theology!

Class led by various pastors and leaders from Emmaus Church. Videos available on YouTube.

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Dealing with Anxiety in Unprecedented Times

In the chaos of a global pandemic, we have all been witnesses to an incredible increase in societal anxiety as well. What exactly is anxiety? How can I tell if I’m anxious? What are the signs? In this three-part class by Dr. Robbie Sherrill, we explore the foundations and biblical solutions to anxiety for followers of Jesus.

Class led by Dr. Robbie Sherrill in April 2020. Video recording available.

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Follow Jesus
Habits for Personal Spiritual Growth

Jesus tells us that to be his disciple, we are to commit our lives to following after him. How do we do this? Where do we start? This class explores the practical habits of spiritual growth that the Bible beckons us to practice as we seek maturity in our lives with Christ.

Class led by Pastor Travis in January 2020. Audio recordings available.

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Faith-Filled Family
Cultivating Passion for Jesus in your Home

In an age of distraction and hurry, what does it look like to foster true spiritual health in our own hearts and in our homes? This class digs into the theological and practical principles for cultivating vibrancy with God in our own lives, in our spouses, and in our children.

Class led by Pastor Brian in January 2020. Audio recordings available.

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Foundations of Marriage
Returning to God's Design

This class offers an overview of the Bible's model of marriage with practical guidance for implementing scriptural principles. We will examine three foundational pillars of healthy Christian marriages using illustrations and a little humor gained over 30+ years of our own experience.

Class led by Bill & Leslie Burke in January 2020. Audio recordings available.

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The Bridge Class
Discipling Your Kids at Home

What can you do as a parent to MOST HIGHLY influence your child to become a spiritually healthy adult?How do you know if what you are CURRENTLY doing is going to make a difference in your child’s spiritual growth? Join us as we explore these questions in pursuit of healthy discipleship strategies with our children.

Class led by Jessie White in Sept 2019. Audio recording available.

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Gospel Centered Discipleship
Becoming Disciple-Making Disciples

As he prepared to return to the Father, Jesus left his disciples with a sacred mission that would define his church through the ages - "Go and make disciples." What does this look like in our modern age? How can we be faithful to this mission? Join us as we explore all this and more!

Class led by Pastor Brian and Bo Bray in June 2019. Audio recordings available.

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How the Whole Bible Comes Together

The Bible is comprised of 66 books written by 35+ authors over the course of 1500+ years. And yet, as we examine it, we see the many stories weaving together into one glorious storyline. Join us as we journey through the entire Bible, examining the threads that bring it all together!

Class led by Rick Evans in June 2019. Audio recordings available.

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Worship in Spirit & Truth
Moving from Consumer to Worshipper

Corporate worship is a vital and rich spiritual discipline for the saints. Scripture calls us to not just be consumers of worship but engaged participants as we adore the King of Kinds! Join us as we explore the biblical foundations and history of corporate worship that beckon us off the sidelines into the ongoing worship of God!

Class led by Ben and Lana Toler in June 2019. Audio recordings available.

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The Creeds
Foundations of the Faith

As the early church expanded and multiplied, it became quickly essential for them to define the core doctrines of the Christian faith to combat heresy and false teachers. What they created and left us with are the creeds, beautiful statements that form strong foundations of our faith. Join us as we explore them together!

Class led by Rick Evans in October 2018. Audio recordings available.

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LGBT & the Gospel
Enduring Faithfulness in a Changing Culture

As our culture continues to redefine human sexuality in an ever-changing set of definitions, how can we live as faithful follower of Jesus committed to the scriptures? In this class, we explore what the scriptures say about these issues and how to follow Jesus faithfully in the midst of them.

Class led by Pastor Anson in August 2016. Audio recording available.

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